Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meet Hair Fairy Clips Princess Emilia

Meet gorgeous Emilia, her lovely mum is quite the photographer and emailed me so many pictures it was hard to choose just two for my little blog post. I asked Tanya to tell me about Emilia and this is what she said.

“Emilia is a cheeky little girl, she is almost 2 and her Birthday is on 27th May she was born in 2008. She has a big sister Elyssa who is 9 1/2. They are very close, the poor little girl has two mums!!! She loves books, dolly’s, loves to dance, sing in her own babble and just loves drawing. Milly also loves to be outside. Her favorite word is “Why?” I am not sure if she knows what she is saying, but even though she doesn’t talk much yet, I am always asked “Why?”. Emilia is known most of the time as “Milly or Mimi”. She has rag curl hair and is truly our little princess. I am so blessed to have such beautiful girls."

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